Public Kindergarten in Dydnia started to work in August 2009. It came into existence thanks to parents’ initiative and generosity of the local authorities. Our kindergarten is located in the building in a safe distance from the main road, far from noise and traffic fumes.

Classrooms are bright and colorful with a lot of equipment and teaching aids which help with a comprehensive development of a child.

The kindergarten has also got its own playground where children can spend time safely in the fresh air.

Our kindergarten is the first bilingual Polish- English institution in the Podkarpacie region. It gathers in its walls very little, little and a bit older Europeans. The idea of bilingual kindergarten comes from the dreams about the education of the highest quality at that level. Not only do we want to bring up and educate but also to teach about cultural heritage of our region and the history of our country and raise ecological awareness of kids. We play here, learn, experience the world, people, animals and at the same time we develop language skills. We also want to support the parents, who consciously and actively participate in their children’s education.

We are a very special institution as we are a family kindergarten. We take special care of kids so that they could feel good and safe like at home.

Pre- school age is the time when little kid recognizes his abilities and we try to master them.

We are sure that our cooperative work will be effective in the future.


Our kindergarten is the place where every kid:
- will be well- prepared to the next education levels
- will develop its language skills by natural involvement in English
- will develop its interests
- will open to the world, other cultures and languages thanks to our pre-school activities
- will learn independence and socially accepted behavior which will be necessary in contacts with other people
- will be brought up in spirit of universal values and with respect for traditions of its region and places of living
- will become responsible for its health and condition of our environment


- our kindergarten is a community of children, parents, teachers and other workers
- we want our pre- school kids to enquire comprehensive skills and develop their talents and interests
- we want to stimulate comprehensive children`s development using many teaching methods and techniques
- we wish to inoculate skills of rational thinking and solving problems
- we want our kids to be creative, world curious, not afraid to ask if they do not know something
- we are open to other cultures and nations, we wish to teach tolerance by educating about other countries and their heritage
- we want to create a nice and friendly atmosphere for our youngsters as well as for all kindergarten workers
- we do not want to be isolated in the kindergarten walls- we encourage parents to participate in pre- school life
- we want our kindergarten to be well-known in the area as an institution which offers a high educational level we wish to not only educate, bring up but also teach cooperation with people

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